Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meijer Sculpture Garden ATLAS MOTH April 27 & 28,2015

Meijer Sculpture Garden 
April 27 & 28,2015

We made it to the butterfly exhibit twice this week!  When we went on Monday, I couldn't find my camera before we left--but went anyway.  As soon as we got there---there was the ever-allusive ATLAS MOTH!  We have tried to go at differing times to see it, but they didn't start hatching until the past 7 days.  So, we went again on Tuesday to make sure we could see it again, and get pictures of it (especially for Chelle).  Here are a few pictures, mostly of the Atlas Moth!

Can you see the EIGHT brown coccoons on the shelf? Those are the cocoons for the Atlas Moth!  Such huge cocoons!  Apparently the moth has "cocoons" and butterflies have chrysalis'.  So many kids would walk by the Atlas Moth and say that it was fake!

My friend, Chelle, was kind enough to find some super interesting video's and links about the Atlas moth that totally blew me away.  Dd and I watched them and liked them so much we kept backing up to see things over again (that good!), and here is the link to her blog with the extra information, in case you or your children are interested: http://www.last-in-line.info/2015/04/atlas-moth.html

A White Morpho Butterfly landed on the ankles of the woman standing next to me--so I took the picture!  It is really fun how the butterflies will often land on the people visiting the exhibit!

There you go!  We FINALLY got to see the Atlas Moth!  I was beyond excited!!!!!!!


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  1. Ooo, the Atlas Moth is just beautiful! I'll be back to show my family your pictures... because we are all rather partial to big moths :D (Thanks for sharing the pictures for our benefit also ♥)
    Since this is a butterfly and moth post ;) sharing that we've had 2 days of really stormy weather, complete with icy hail, and many of our monarch cocoons have been damaged :/
    I think we'll try bringing in the others .....


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