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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SL Core H Week 15 April 17-23, 2017

SL Core H Week 15 
April 17-23, 2017
Year 2 of 2 of World History (around 1700's)

Hello, Friends!

This was our last week of Beginning Band (Tenor sax) and Intermediate Band (Alto sax), as we had our big spring concert on Thursday night.  It was awesome hearing all the other bands in our homeschooling music program get to shine!  I really liked "Big Band 1" and "Big Band 2" music and style, perhaps Dd will audition to be in that group next year just to get to practice all their cool music!

On Sunday, our little family stood up in front of our church congregation and were officially welcomed as members.  It is nice being apart of such a loving, welcoming, biblical church--after so many years of searching.  

Our friends, the "D" family brought us over a huge load of cow manure on Friday night; their date night! What good friends to use their date night on us, honestly. 

Can you guess what we did all day Saturday?!  Yup, we had to move the pile of manure out of our drive and into our compost bin.  Actually, we had to make two more compost bins in order to contain all the manure.  

We also used some of it for our flower beds, and I planted four peonies and four roses with lots of manure!  

Finally, our daffodils are blooming in mass!  I even managed to refill my bird feeders this week!

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:
SO EXCITED to announce we started Great Expectations!  I decided to get a little paperback book that is sort of a thorough teacher guide to read, after each chapter, while we read this gem.  We haven't really dissected a book, at least not at a high level, and I figured this would be the perfect book to break down.  I have to say, I am really looking forward to fitting in more classics in our reading schedule, which will be distorting our Sonlight (SL) cores even more than we do already.  

Our Buff Orpington rooster is really recovering!  I believe it is safe to say he will be surviving the attack from the neighbor's dog, Lucy.  I can't believe it, but he has lots of feather spikes popping up all over his back, which are pushing the old scab-wounds up, off, and away!  

He still has a few deep wounds that are healing, but, many of the wounds from his feathers being torn out are healing perfectly.  I think I only have him one or two salt baths this week.

A drawing and marker Dd is working on

Spring & Watercolors: An artistic week
Due to the lovely spring weather this week, we were able to do our lessons outside on our deck table a few times this week.  Dd did a lot of water-coloring this week, but has asked that I not share the pictures on my blog, not sure why?!  This was really a week full of her drawing and water-coloring.

Another week of not really meeting our potential.  It is difficult when you, as a parent, don't see your child really appreciating getting a home education.  I know this must happen to all homeschoolers at some point in their years of learning, and we are in that phase right now.  I've tried to lighten her load a little and give her some time to recover.  It is hard for her to understand how good she has it, and there is no use in me trying to tell her that!  

This owl, and it's partner, keep visiting our our chickens have had to spend more time inside.

We had finished Walking With Frodo, so I ordered Sarah Arthur's other LOTR devotional, Walking With Bilbo, as we like her writing and bible selections so well!  They don't take very long, and are a nice change of pace in our bible study.

Walking With Bilbo by Sarah Arthur
long introduction - Ch's 1-4

The red tips are last year's peonies popping up

The BBC Manuel (Sonlights Bible)
pg's 64-129

Chuch, Sunday School, Youth Group
Volunteer (1:30 hours) at Olympians Group on Wed. night

Zeus, visiting the ladies in their coop.  They pecked at his bottom, so I kept them seperated. 

Panda SAT Math Prep:
one page, Dd found this book too advanced for her, she spent two days on one page.

They are getting huge!

The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
various poems, like:
The Rose Family by Robert Frost
Sherwood by Alfred Noyes
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe
Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church by Emily Dickenson

Sonlight Reader:
The Broken Blade by Willaim Durbin: COMPLETED

The Peking Ducks got all dirty outside and needed a bath!

Story of the World Vol 3, Early Modern Times: COMPLETED
Ch 37: Troubled Africa
Ch 38: American Tragedies
Ch 39: China Adrift
Ch 40: Mexico and Her Neighbor
Ch 41: New Zealand & Her Rulers
Ch 42: The World of Forty-Nine

George Washington's World by Foster
pg 277-311

Writing: Thank You letters
Dd has been writing up her thank you letters from her b-day

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Ch 1-7

Dh took down the fencing around back yard.  We will put up wire fencing then reapply the wooden fencing, to keep the chickens out of our summer garden.

Dickens Great Expectations Christian Guide to the Classics 
by Leland Ryken
Ch 1-7
This readers guide is divided up by chapter, with great thoughts and insights into further understanding the book.  I am SO glad I bought this little supplement to Great Expectations to go along with the notes Sonlight gave in the older IG I bought for Core H.  I actually have two IG's for this Core so I could have the book notes for more books.  Unfortunately, SL removed Great Expectations from their Core H line-up, which I feel is regrettable.  We will take four or five weeks to complete this book; time well spent!

Fun Reading:
Prudence by Gail Carringer
(Rec'd from a friend, as a birthday gift)

We have been taking the chickens out to the backyard to enjoy the grass and sunshine.

Music Classes:
Beginning Band (Tenor sax) 1:30 hours
Intermediate Band (Alto sax) 1:30 hours
Piano/sax lesson with Mrs. March: 30 minutes
Violin lesson with Christie: 30 minutes

Music Concert:
Dd played six songs (3 with BB, 3 with IB) and watched the rest of the program (3 hours)

Music Practice:
Alto sax
Tenor sax
Flute (It was nice to hear Dd playing her flute again!)

Drawing and Watercolors
LOTS of art this week!  at least 12-15 hours

Home Economics:
We made two lasagna's this week, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, without the crust, just yummy sweet potato; various cooking for her meals, chores-chickens, dishes, and laundry...

Physical Education:
Push-ups and Pilates
Denise Austin Pilates DVD x 2

Sunday, April 16, 2017

SL Core H Week 14 A April 8-16th, 2017 (spring break, Easter, b-day party sleep-over)

Sonlight Core H Week 14A
April 8-16th, 2017
(Mostly spring break & birthday and Easter)

Hello, Friends!
Someone celebrated a birthday!  Here she is opening her birthday gifts:

Dh woke up at 3 am to make Dd her birthday lamb cake.  In his family, they always make the birthday girl (or boy) a cake with their old cast iron lamb mold.  It turned out great!

She received a Joann Fabrics gift card from my mom--yay!

She got books, 2 bibles, bible tabs, gummie bears, and socks!

This was NOT a normal, academic week.  The weather was mostly nice and Dd had a birthday party to plan and host.  I decided this was a perfect excuse to get my spring cleaning done around the house, and boy was our house in need of help!  Dd’s birthday party was a ‘dress up like your favorite Marvel character’ party.

Dd made two handkerchiefs with "PC" for Peggy Carter.

  She decided to be Peggy Carter; which meant we had to go shopping for her outfit.  Peggy Carter was Captain America’s girlfriend if you happened to see the movie.  We went to a few thrift stores looking for some 1950’s type clothes and found a perfect skirt.  She had a lot of fun planning this party, and getting dressed up like Peggy! 

 It sure if different planning a teenage party, not focusing on games but more on food.  We did a lot of grocery shopping.

Church Membership:
On Sunday (April 9th) in our church bulletin, it was listed that we have been approved for membership at our church, though we already feel part of the family.



Zeus update:
On Monday,  (April 10th) our neighbor, Dave, the owner of the bull terrier (Lucy) that had attacked our Buff Orpington rooster, Zeus, walked over to our house for an update on his condition.   I was very impressed that our neighbor came up to see how our boy was doing, that showed real character.  Speaking of Zeus- he has been ever so slowly improving.  Each day that goes by raises a point in favor of him making a full recovery.  The worst part was that each day I could see more and more of the damage to his skin.  As the dog ripped out feathers he also ripped off the top layer of skin, which is now turning into scabs.  I’ve been using Bag Balm and Neosporin to keep his skin moist and flexible for healing.  I also gave him warm baths in my tub, emptying a whole new container of salt into the warm water to help keep out infection.  As each bath went by he got a bit more feisty about permitting such behavior willingly!  He had a really bad smell, I think his feathers sitting on top of the wounded skin made the offensive smell.  In desperation, I took scissors and cut off the feathers that were sticking to his wounds so those wounds could get proper air and healing, which improved his smell quite a lot.  The poor rooster looks shameful missing so many feathers, but at least he is healing and hopefully will be able to grow new feathers eventually.

Music Lessons:
Even though we were off of our normal lessons, Dd still had her violin lesson, Strings Group, Beginning Band, Intermediate band, and private music lesson with Mrs. March.

Look how long they are now!  I put in a handful of spinach and they gobbled it right up!
I don't think they will fit in a Cool Whip bowl any longer! 

On Thursday morning, looking out my library window I saw a young doe!  A few hours later, while doing dishes, looking out my window, I saw a wild turkey by my birdfeeder!  This week was full of animal activity and daffodils blooming all around.  Such a gorgeous week!

Home Economics: Cooking & Cleaning:
Dd and I spent endless hours cleaning, tidying, and doing food prep for her party.  Dd made cheesecake cupcakes, lemon filling cupcakes, lunchmeat/cheese wraps…  We bought croissants and Nutella for the breakfast after the sleep over.  For the lunch- pizza, for the dinner, hot dogs grilled over the campfire, followed by S’mores, followed by ice cream later!  The girls watched some movies and stayed up late.  They played basketball and enjoyed the campfire.  It was a nice small group of friends.

Some of our activities qualify for ‘academics’ this week:

As a family, we looked up and read Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, and Psalm Sunday in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  And Matthew 10.  Dd received two new bibles for her birthday gift-plus 3 sets of bible tabs to organize her bibles.  She has been reading in her new “NIV Bible For Teen Girls by Zonderkidz” that she wanted from Christianbook.

Finding God In Lord of the Rings by Jim Ware and Kurt Bruner
Three chapters, pg’s 1-16
I’m not sure about this book yet, I’m still evaluating.

Church and Sunday School on April 9th and Easter on April 16th
Olympians- Dd volunteers for 1:30 hours
Church party on April 15th

Dd and I had been looking on Chelle’s blog for book choices, and decided to start: The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle using Audible, so we could work while we were listening this week.  It has over 20 hours of audio, so we will be listening for a while.  It has been very, very good!  Thanks to Chelle for her recommendation!

We've been listening to this off and on too

Chelle, when I put out my Pooh flag, for spring, I thought of you!

History Readers:
I was hoping Dd would be reading her Reader, The Broken Blade this week, but she didn’t read any of it.  She did read a chapter of her next Reader: In Search of Honor

 She did find time to read some of her fun books a few evenings this week:
The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton
Prudence by Gail Carriger (birthday gift from a friend)
We planted a lot of bulbs in the fall, and here is our first daffodil of the season.  By the end of the week we had 3 of them and one hyacinth!  

John Adams – Miniseries by HBO
Doctor Strange- Marvel Movie with Benedict Cumberbatch (b-day party)

We finally went out and bought Dd a new rim for her basketball playing, but we didn't get it up in time for her party.

Physical Exercise-Basketball:
After the other girls left Dd got to spend some 1:1 time with L, the very first friend she met in Michigan.  They have been friends for over 2 years now.  I will have to share the story of how we met her mom on a special post.  Lately they have been exchanging favorite books they own to each other.

Playing Basketball:
2x this week: 1:30 minutes, plus helped us put a new metal ring on the old backboard/stand.

Water coloring and Drawing: 9 hours this week

Hopefully, next week will be fairly back to normal, though the week after a break is always super tough on us, so perhaps we will just get back into the swing with low expectations.

Garden Prep:
I dug up 20 buckets of hummus from out in our woods, put in wheelbarrow for easier climb up our hill, and we are getting closer to planting our 2017 garden.

Agnes in the plants in the sunroom!~

I finally finished the crochet blanket I had been working on this winter.  I put a packet of seeds on it to show the scale.

Chicken Update- The two Bantams and two Isa Brown tractor:

Here is what cute little Hades looked like at the start.

"Hummer", aka "Hummingbird" has grown so much!  We are wondering if she might be a boy, it looks like she is getting a comb (that part above her eyes, on the top of her head).

Hades has gotten prettier as she grows!
Here is Hades her first week with us to compare to how big she is now!

The two Isa Brown's: Agatha and Mrs. Marple

The Amber Links and Tetra Brown tractor:

The ducks won't leave the side of the chickens; which is totally different behavior than chickens have.  A chicken would have happily pecked all around the grass and wandered around, but not these ducks.  They followed the tractors and were only happy when they could see their pack. I was surprised.

Here is an early picture of an Amber Link, back on March 28th! My, they have grown fast!

Zeus in his section of the tractor, enjoying the sunshine:
I put up a cardboard "wall" to keep Zeus alone.  Yesterday, Hades, found her way under the wall and was inside Zeus's area--and they got along fine.  I expected Zeus to want to peck at the little ones.

Green Grass!  Our summer umbrella is out and we've been eating outside!